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Safety production evaluation and consultation


  safety evaluation (safety evaLuatlon), also known as "risk assessment", "risk assessment"。A method and technique for identifying system hazards and seeking safety countermeasures。Safety system engineering is an important part。Before establishing the necessary safety measures, it aims to grasp the types, degrees and consequences of possible dangers in the system, and carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis, so as to propose effective risk control measures。The accident rate evaluation index is available.It can also be evaluated by ergonomic methods, such as business analysis, experimental method, simulation method, performance measurement and motion time study。

  The purpose of safety evaluation is to find, analyze and predict the dangers and harmful factors existing in engineering, system, production and business activities and the possible dangers, consequences and degree of harm,Put forward reasonable and feasible safety countermeasures,To guide hazard monitoring and accident prevention,In order to achieve the lowest accident rate, the lowest loss and the best safety investment benefit。

  1) Systematically control the whole process from planning, design, manufacturing, operation, storage and maintenance。

  2) Establish the best scheme to make the system safe and provide a basis for decision-making。

  3) To create conditions for the standardization and scientific realization of safety technology and safety management。Promote enterprises to achieve intrinsic security。