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Talent concept: have both virtue and ability, be eclectic, give full play to talents and make full use of talents

Have both virtue and abilityTalent, the virtue of the capital also;A man of virtue is a man of talent。"De" - having a high basic quality, "talent" - the basic ability to perform the duties of the post。The ancients said: the ruler has a short, inch has a strong, things are insufficient, wisdom is unknown。Choosing people, not seeking both, but virtue first, promoting talent by virtue, and cultivating virtue by talent。Through improving the quality of enterprise talents, the structure of talents with both virtue and ability should be constructed

Be eclectic-- Innovative talent concept, eclectic selection of talent, not according to seniority, only talent is listed。Continuously broaden the channels of talent selection, discover talents in practice, cultivate talents, exercise talents, boldly use talents, vigorously cultivate innovative professional talents, constantly develop and expand the talent team, and add momentum for the sustainable development of enterprises。

Make the best use of one's talents-- People have long and short, regardless of size, taking into account virtue and talent, both inside and outside。Know a man well and give full play to his talents。Discerning eyes, enthusiastic love, bearing talent, bold talent, mind to accommodate talent。Deeply explore the bright spots of each employee, give full play to the strengths of each employee, maximize the integration of the enterprise's talent resources, provide a strong driving force for the sustainable development of the enterprise, and promote the enterprise to enter the fast track of healthy development。

Make the best use of one's talentsBecause of its material to take, judge it can be used, use its strengths, cover up its shortcomings。Know people good, talented, suitable for the post, suitable for the post remunerative。With keen insight, we find the personality characteristics of each employee, do the quantity of talent and use, put the talent in the most suitable position, apply the advantages of employees to the most suitable work, so that the sage in its position, the ability in its job, each secure its job, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses, and do their best。

The company regards talent as the most precious resource,To "talent first.,People-oriented "as the original side,It has formed a set of talent mechanisms of "valuing talents, caring talents, developing talents, using talents, retaining talents and promoting talents",To employees and the company to grow together as a mission,Strive to achieve "harmony and win-win.,The ultimate goal of "common development"。 Welcome more and more people with lofty ideals and the pursuit of career to join us。