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15th floor, Yinghua Commercial Building, Changcheng Road, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City

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  Ningxia Hongxu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive safety and environmental protection consulting organization focusing on environmental protection,The company was established in November 2013,Mainly engaged in environmental impact assessment and consultation, safety assessment and consultation, occupational health assessment and consultation, social stability risk assessment and consultation, environmental protection equipment and materials, environmental monitoring, fire safety facilities assessment and testing, dust suppression agent production and construction。

  Business Scope:

  项目可行性研究报告;环境影响评价、验收; 环境治理工程;环境监测技术; Environmental protection technology consulting water protection program。Social stability risk assessment consultation;Safety evaluation;Fire facilities safety assessment and testing;Safety technical advice;Occupational health assessment and counselling;Government third-party butler inspection services;Cleaner production audit;Enterprise safety standardization construction。

  Corporate culture:

  ★ Enterprise purpose:

  Achieve customer confidence, employee satisfaction, social recognition

  ★ Enterprise spirit:

  Technology is the root, entrepreneurship is the soul, talent is this

  ★ Enterprise positioning:

  Do a good job in basic service consulting to provide customers with quality technology and butler service

  ★ Business philosophy:

  Seek truth from facts, constantly innovate, and strive to develop

  ★ Corporate principles:

  Sincerity to others, faith to establish the world, follow the law, harmony and win-win

  ★ Corporate Vision:

  Protect our environment and safety, and strive to become the best enterprise in safety and environmental protection services

  We use "achieve green,Achieve the future "as the purpose,Practice the business philosophy of "pragmatic, innovative, pioneering and innovative",Dedicated to customer service,To provide customers with advanced safety and environmental protection technology and high efficiency, low cost, easy to implement environmental optimization programs,To improve the social living environment,Promote sustainable social development to provide one-stop housekeeping services。