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What does real environmental monitoring look like?

Release Date:2023-02-20 11:24:44 作者:Super administrator 点击:440

  What does environmental monitoring look like?

  Let's start with the instrument. The monitor is not like a cell phone。A set of monitors weighs more than 40 pounds, it is not easy to lift the car, arrived at the destination, found that the monitoring environment at dozens of meters high, there is no elevator, Zi Zi Zi to climb up, a day to stay, summer to roast sausage, winter to Popsicle

  Environmental monitoring is extremely complex, and its work includes: accepting tasks, field investigation, program formulation, optimizing site distribution, sample collection, transportation and preservation, sample pretreatment, analysis and testing, data processing, comprehensive evaluation, etc。

  The object of environmental monitoring is not only air, but also water quality, soil and solid waste。In addition, it can monitor noise, vibration, heat, light, radioactivity, electromagnetic radiation, as well as the monitoring of biological and ecological changes。These are just classified by what they monitor。


  If divided according to the purpose, it can be divided into: surveillance monitoring, specific purpose monitoring and research monitoring。

  Surveillance monitoring, also known as routine monitoring or routine monitoring, is the regular, long-term monitoring of designated projects to determine the environmental quality and pollution source status。

  Specific purpose monitoring, also known as special monitoring, refers to the special circumstances, in the shortest time, to determine the types of pollutants and hazards, and on this basis, take effective preventive measures。

  Research monitoring, also known as scientific research monitoring, is the monitoring for scientific research, often requires multi-disciplinary cooperation。