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Compliance analysis table of the project with the current environmental management requirements of "Gas Ten", "water Ten" and "soil Ten"

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Policy requirement



Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan

(Qi Ten)



We will strengthen the comprehensive treatment of air pollution by industrial enterprises。We will comprehensively improve small coal-fired boilers。Accelerate the construction of central heating, "coal to gas" and "coal to electricity" projects2017 In addition to the necessary reservations, the built-up areas of cities at the prefecture level and above are basically eliminated every hour10Coal-fired boilers of steam tons and less are prohibited from being built per hour20Coal-fired boilers of less than a ton of steam;Other areas in principle no longer create new per hour10Coal-fired boilers under tons of steam。


In the heating process of the production process of this project, employees are heated by installing split air conditioners

In areas where the heating and gas supply network can not be covered, electricity, new energy or clean coal should be used to promote the application of energy-saving and environmentally friendly boilers。In the chemical industry, paper making, printing and dyeing, leather, pharmaceutical and other industrial agglomeration areas, through the centralized construction of cogeneration units, decentralized coal-fired boilers will be phased out。

We will accelerate the construction of desulphurization, denitrification and dust removal projects in key industries。所有Coal-fired power plants, steel enterprisesSintering machine and pellet production equipment,Catalytic cracking unit of petroleum refining enterprise, non-ferrous metal smelting enterpriseHave to install desulfurization facilities every hour20Coal-fired boilers with steam tons and above shall implement desulfurization。Denitrification facilities should be installed in all coal-fired units except circulating fluidized bed boilers, and denitrification facilities should be installed in new dry cement kilns to implement low-nitrogen combustion technology transformationExisting dust removal facilities for coal-fired boilers and industrial kilns should be upgraded。

We will promote the control of volatile organic matter pollution。In petrochemical, organic chemical industry, surface painting, packaging and printing industries to implement volatile organic compounds comprehensive remediation, in the petrochemical industry to carry out "leak detection and repair" technical transformation。

Complete the oil and gas recovery and treatment of gas stations, oil storage depots and oil tank trucks within a limited time, and actively carry out the oil and gas recovery and treatment of crude oil products terminals。

Non-gas station, no oil storage tank project

Improve the limits of volatile organic compounds for paints, adhesives and other products, promote the use of water-based coatings, and encourage the production, sale and use of low-toxic and low-volatile organic solvents。

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other regions should be2015By the end of this year, the construction and renovation of pollution control facilities for coal-fired power plants, coal-fired boilers and industrial kilns will be basically completed, and comprehensive treatment of organic waste gas from petrochemical enterprises will be completed。

Non-beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions

We will deepen efforts to control pollution from non-point sources。Comprehensively control urban dust。Strengthen the supervision of construction dust, actively promote green construction, the construction site should be completely closed and set up retaining walls, it is strictly prohibited to open work, and the road on the construction site should be hardened。Muck transport vehicles should take sealing measures, and gradually install satellite positioning system。Low dust operation methods such as road mechanized cleaning will be introduced。Large coal and material piles should be closed storage or wind-proof and dust suppression facilities should be built。We will promote the construction of green areas in and around cities and wind and sand prevention forests, and expand the scale of green areas in urban built-up areas。

We will control cooking fume pollution。Urban catering service business premises should install the best fume purification facilities, promote the use of the best purification type household range hood。

All the employees of this project are villagers nearby and do not live in the factory

Strengthen the prevention and control of pollution from mobile sources。Strengthen urban traffic management。Optimize urban functions and layout planning, promote intelligent traffic management, and alleviate urban traffic congestion。We will implement the strategy of giving priority to public transport, increase the proportion of public transport trips, and strengthen the construction of pedestrian and bicycle transport systems。According to the urban development plan, the number of motor vehicles should be controlled reasonably。By encouraging green travel, increasing the cost of use and other measures to reduce the intensity of motor vehicle use。

Non-urban road projects

Improve fuel quality。Accelerate the upgrading of petroleum refining enterprises, and strive to improve2013By the end of the year, the national supply of motor gasoline in line with the national fourth stage standards, in2014Before the end of the year, the national supply of automotive diesel that meets the national fourth stage standard, in2015By the end of the year, key cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other regions will fully supply auto gasoline and diesel that meet the national fifth stage standards2017By the end of the year, the country's supply of automotive gas and diesel that meet the national fifth stage standards。

Non-filling station

Off-highway port projects

We will speed up the phasing out of yellow label and old vehicles。Yellow label vehicles and old vehicles will be phased out by means of demarcation of prohibited areas and economic compensation。到2017Yellow label vehicles were basically eliminated nationwide。

Non-urban and road projects

We will strengthen environmental protection management of motor vehicles。Environmental protection, industry and information technology, quality inspection, industry and commerce departments jointly strengthen the environmental protection supervision of new production vehicles, and severely crack down on the production and sale of vehicles that do not meet environmental standards;Strengthen the annual inspection of motor vehicles in use, and vehicles that fail to meet the standards shall not be issued environmental protection qualification marks, and shall not be driven on the road。The construction of urea supply system for diesel vehicles will be accelerated。We will study ways to shorten the mandatory scrapping period for buses and taxis。Taxis are encouraged to replace exhaust gas purification devices every year。Carry out pollution control of non-road mobile machinery such as construction machinery and ships。

Non-motor vehicle production, inspection line, involving construction machinery and ship projects

We will vigorously promote new energy vehicles。Public transportation, sanitation and other industries and government agencies should take the lead in using new energy vehicles, and adopt measures such as direct registration and financial subsidies to encourage individuals to buy。

Projects unrelated to new energy vehicles

Strictly control new production capacity in the "two high" industries。We will revise the entry requirements for industries with high energy consumption, high pollution and resources, and specify targets for resource and energy conservation and pollutant discharge。Where conditions permit, an industry access catalogue that conforms to the local functional positioning and is stricter than the national requirements shall be formulated。Strictly control the new production capacity of the "two high" industries, and implement equal or reduced capacity replacement for new, reformed and expanded projects。

We will speed up the elimination of backward production capacity。In light of the actual industrial development and environmental quality conditions, we will further improve environmental protection, energy consumption, safety, quality and other standards, clarify the task of eliminating backward production capacity by region, and force industrial transformation and upgrading。

The technical transformation, transformation and upgrading projects related to the left side are reserved

It is strictly prohibited to approve new production capacity projects in industries with serious overcapacity。We will resolutely stop building illegal projects under construction in industries with serious overcapacity。We will conscientiously clean up illegal projects under construction in industries with serious overcapacity, and will not allow construction to begin on illegal projects that have not been approved for construction, approved for construction at the same time, or approved beyond the authority.If construction is under way, it must be stopped。Local people's governments should strengthen organization, leadership, supervision and inspection, and resolutely curb the blind expansion of industries with serious overcapacity。

Strengthen the technology research and development of desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, volatile organic matter control, diesel engine (vehicle) emission purification, environmental monitoring, as well as new energy vehicles, smart grid, and promote the transformation and application of technological achievements。Strengthen international exchanges and cooperation on advanced technologies and management experience in air pollution control。

Nothing to do with the left

We will strengthen corporate governance。Enterprises are responsible for the control of air pollution, in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection norms, strengthen internal management, increase capital investment, adopt advanced production technology and treatment technology, to ensure that emissions meet the standards, and even achieve "zero emissions";We must consciously fulfill our social responsibility for environmental protection and accept social supervision

Promote innovation in products such as non-organic solvent-based coatings and pesticides to reduce VOC emissions during production and use。

Non-paint, paint, pesticide production and use projects

Actively develop new varieties of slow-release fertilizers to reduce ammonia emission during fertilizer application。

Non-fertilizer production and use projects

Vigorously develop the circular economy。We will encourage industrial agglomeration and development, carry out circular transformation of industrial parks, promote the cascade utilization of energy, the recycling of water resources, the exchange and utilization of waste, and the economical and intensive use of land, promote the circular production of enterprises, the circular development of industrial parks, and the circular combination of industries, and build a circular industrial system。Promote coordinated waste disposal in cement, steel and other industrial kilns and blast furnaces。We will vigorously develop the remanufacturing of mechanical and electrical products and promote the development of the resource recycling industry。

Moreover, the planning EIA should be analyzed by contrast article by article

Collaborative disposal projects should also be analyzed in comparison

Nothing to do with the left side

We will vigorously foster energy conservation and environmental protection industries。Efforts will be made to effectively transform the policy requirements for air pollution control into market demands for the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries, and promote the innovative development and industrial application of major environmental protection technologies, equipment and products。We will expand the domestic consumer market, actively support new forms and models of business, foster a number of large energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises with international competitiveness, significantly increase the output value of air pollution control equipment, products, and services, and effectively promote the development of strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation, environmental protection, and new energy。Encourage foreign investment in energy conservation and environmental protection industries。

Non-environmental protection industry

Coal consumption projects should be replaced by coal reduction。With the exception of cogeneration, it is prohibited to approve new coal-fired power generation projects;The total installed capacity of several coal-fired units has reached30More than 10,000 kilowatts, can be built in accordance with the principle of coal equivalent replacement for large capacity coal-fired units。

We will accelerate the alternative use of clean energy。We will increase the supply of natural gas, coal-to-gas and coal-bed methane。到2015New natural gas trunk pipeline capacity1500More than 100 million cubic meters, covering the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions。Optimize the use of natural gas, new natural gas should give priority to ensure the life of residents or replace coal;Encourage the development of natural gas distributed energy and other natural gas utilization projects, limit the development of natural gas chemical projects;Natural gas peaking power plants will be developed in an orderly manner, and no new natural gas power generation projects will be built in principle。

Non-coal to gas projects

Non-natural gas pipeline and pressurization station projects

Formulate the development plan of coal-to-natural gas, and accelerate the industrialization and scale of coal-to-natural gas under the premise of meeting the strictest environmental requirements and ensuring the supply of water resources。We will actively and orderly develop hydropower, develop and utilize geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy, and biomass energy, and safely and efficiently develop nuclear power。

Hydropower, geothermal, wind, solar, biomass, nuclear

Irrelevant item

2017It basically completed the natural gas replacement and renovation of coal-fired boilers, industrial kilns and self-provided coal-fired power stations。

Promote the clean use of coal。To increase the proportion of coal washing, new coal mines should build coal washing facilities simultaneously, and existing coal mines should speed up construction and transformation;to2017The selection rate of raw coal reached70%以上。

Projects unrelated to clean fuels

Limit the import of high-sulfur petroleum coke。

Non-petroleum coke import and use projects

Delete this line

We will expand the no-burning zones for high-polluting fuels in cities from built-up urban areas to the suburbs。In conjunction with the renovation of urban villages, urban and rural fringe areas, and run-down areas, we will gradually replace coal with natural gas or electricity。Encourage the construction of clean coal distribution centers in northern rural areas, and promote the use of clean coal and briquette。

Nothing to do with the project

We will actively develop green buildings and take the lead in implementing green building standards for government-invested public buildings and affordable housing。New buildings should strictly implement mandatory energy conservation standards, and promote the use of solar hot water systems, ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, photovoltaic building integration, "heat-electricity-cold" triple supply technologies and equipment。

Non-public building projects

We will accelerate the construction and renovation of the heat supply network。

Adjust industrial distribution。In accordance with the requirements of the planning of the main functional zones, the layout, structure and scale of the development of key industries will be properly determined, and major projects will be distributed in the optimized development zones and key development zones in principle。All new, renovated and expanded projects must carry out environmental impact assessments;Those that fail to pass the environmental impact assessment shall not be allowed to start construction.Violators of construction shall be punished according to law。Strengthen the guiding and constraining role of industrial policy in the process of industrial transfer, and strictly limit the construction of "two high" industry projects in ecologically fragile or environmentally sensitive areas。Environmental impact assessment of various industrial development plans will be strengthened。

Strictly implement the total emission control of pollutants, and make whether the emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, smoke dust and volatile organic compounds meet the total emission control requirements as a precondition for the approval of environmental impact assessment of construction projects

Beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region, central Liaoning, Shandong, Wuhan and its surrounding areas, Changzhutan, Chengdu-Chongqing, West Coast of the Strait, central and northern Shanxi, Shaanxi Guanzhong, Ganning, Urumqi and other "three regions and ten groups"47Cities, new thermal power, steel, petrochemical, cement, non-ferrous, chemical and other enterprises and coal-fired boiler projects to implement special emission limits for air pollutants。Each region may expand the scope of implementation of special emission limits according to the needs of environmental quality improvement。

Action Plan for Water Pollution Control

(Water tenth)



Special rectification of ten key industries。Special treatment plans for paper making, coking, nitrogen fertilizer, non-ferrous metals, printing and dyeing, agricultural and sideline food processing, manufacturing of raw materials, leather, pesticides, electroplating and other industries have been formulated, and clean transformation has been implemented。The construction projects of new construction, reconstruction and expansion of the above industries shall be replaced with equivalent or reduced emission of major pollutants。

2017Before the end of the year,The paper industry strives to complete the transformation of pulp without elemental chlorine bleaching or adopt other low-pollution pulping technologies,The technical transformation of coke ovens in iron and steel enterprises has been completed,Nitrogen fertilizer industry urea production completed process condensate hydrolysis analysis technology reform,Printing and dyeing industry to implement low-drainage dyeing and finishing process transformation,Pharmaceutical (antibiotics, vitamins) industry to implement green enzyme production technology transformation,The leather industry has implemented chrome reduction and closed recycling technology transformation。

Reservations relating to this item

Extraneous deletion

It doesn't matter. Delete it

Centralized control of water pollution in industrial clusters。We will strengthen pollution control in economic and technological development zones, high-tech industrial development zones, export processing zones and other industrial clusters。The industrial wastewater in the agglomeration area must be pretreated to meet the requirements of centralized treatment before it can enter the centralized sewage treatment facility。New and upgraded industrial agglomeration areas should simultaneously plan and build pollution control facilities such as centralized treatment of sewage and garbage。

2017Before the end of the year,Centralized sewage treatment facilities shall be built in industrial agglomeration areas according to regulations,And install automatic online monitoring device,The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta were completed one year ahead of schedule.Overdue,The approval and approval of construction projects that increase the discharge of water pollutants shall be suspended,The park qualification shall be revoked in accordance with relevant provisions。

Comparative analysis of post-evaluation of planning EIA

Delete the remaining items from this line

We will strengthen the control of domestic pollution in urban areas。We will accelerate the construction and renovation of urban sewage treatment facilities。Existing urban sewage treatment facilities should be upgraded in light of local conditions.2020Meet the corresponding emission standards or recycling requirements by the end of the year。

Sensitive areas (key lakes, key reservoirs, coastal sea catchment areas) urban sewage treatment facilities should be2017Full level 1 by the end of the yearAEmission standard。The water quality of the built-up area does not reach the surface water class IV standard of the city, the new urban sewage treatment facilities should be implementedAEmission standard。In accordance with the requirements of the national new urbanization plan, to2020All counties and key towns in the country have sewage collection and treatment capacity, and the county and urban sewage treatment rates have reached, respectively85%95%左右。

Delete this line if it is not a key area

We will comprehensively strengthen the construction of supporting pipe networks。Strengthen the interception and collection of sewage in urban villages, old urban areas and rural-urban fringe。The existing combined drainage system should accelerate the implementation of rain and pollution diversion transformation, and if it is difficult to transform, measures should be taken to intercept the flow, regulate storage and control。The supporting pipe network of new sewage treatment facilities should be designed, constructed and put into operation simultaneously。

Non-infrastructure items Delete this line

With the exception of arid areas, rain and pollution diversion should be implemented in the construction of new urban areas, and the initial rainwater collection, treatment and resource utilization should be promoted in areas where conditions permit。到2017In 2012, the sewage in the built-up areas of municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals and planned cities was basically fully collected and fully treated, and the sewage in the built-up areas of other prefecture-level cities was fully collected and treated2020Basically realized by the end of the year。

Non-infrastructure items Delete this line

Promote sludge treatment and disposal。The sludge produced by sewage treatment facilities shall be stabilized, harmless and resource-based treatment and disposal, and the sludge that fails to meet the treatment and disposal standards shall be prohibited from entering the cultivated land。All illegal sludge storage sites will be shut down。

We will promote pollution prevention and control in agriculture and rural areas。Prevention and control of livestock and poultry breeding pollution。Scientific delineation of livestock and poultry breeding prohibited areas, the existing large-scale livestock and poultry farms (communities) according to the needs of pollution prevention and control, supporting the construction of fecal sewage storage, treatment, utilization facilities。In the concentrated areas of free-range breeding, individual collection, centralized treatment and utilization of manure and sewage from livestock and poultry should be implemented。自2016Since the beginning of the new, reconstruction, expansion of large-scale livestock and poultry farms (communities) to implement rain and sewage diversion, fecal sewage resource utilization。

Non-breeding items delete this line

Control pollution from non-point agricultural sources。We formulated and implemented a nationwide comprehensive plan to prevent and control pollution from non-point agricultural sources。We will promote pilot programs of subsidies for the use of low-toxicity and low-residue pesticides, and carry out green prevention and control of crop diseases and pests。Implement soil testing and formula fertilization, and promote the best fertilization technology and machinery。We will improve standards and norms for the construction of high-standard farmland, land development and consolidation, clarify environmental protection requirements, and ensure that new high-standard farmland meets relevant environmental protection requirements。Sensitive areas and large and medium-sized irrigation areas should make use of existing ditches, ponds and cellars, allocate aquatic plant communities, grids and permeable DAMS, and construct ecological ditches, sewage purification ponds, surface runoff collection ponds and other facilities to purify farmland drainage and surface runoff。到2020The popularization coverage of soil testing and formula fertilization technology reached90%Above, fertilizer utilization rate increased to40%Above, the coverage rate of crop disease and pest control has reached40%Above;The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta were completed one year ahead of schedule。


Non-agricultural development delete this line

Adjust the planting structure and layout。Trial retrogradation of land and water reduction in areas lacking water。In areas prone to groundwater pollution, priority should be given to planting crops that require low amounts of fertilizer and medicine and outstanding environmental benefits。The five provinces (autonomous regions) of Gansu, Xinjiang (including Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps), Hebei, Shandong and Henan, which have serious problems of over-exploitation of surface water and over-extraction of groundwater and a large proportion of agricultural water use, should appropriately reduce the planting area of crops with large water consumption and replace them with drought-tolerant crops and economic forests.2018By the end of the year, yes3300We will implement comprehensive management of 10,000 mu of irrigated area and reduce the amount of water37Over 100 million cubic meters。

Non-agricultural development and planting projects are deleted from this bank

We will accelerate comprehensive improvement of the rural environment。With county-level administrative areas as the unit, we will implement unified planning, construction, and management of rural sewage treatment, and actively promote the extension of urban sewage treatment facilities and services to rural areas where conditions permit。We will deepen the policy of promoting governance through awards, carry out rural cleaning projects, dredge river channels, and improve the rural environment。

Non-rural environmental comprehensive improvement, rural river dredging projects deleted this line

Strengthen pollution control of ships and ports。We will actively control pollution from ships。Compulsory scrapping of ships beyond their useful life according to law。To revise the relevant environmental protection standards for ships, their facilities and equipment。2018Coastal ships put into service since 2000,2021The new standards shall be implemented for inland waterway vessels put into service from this year;Other ships on2020If the transformation is completed before the end of the year and the transformation still fails to meet the requirements, it shall be phased out within a time limit。Ships sailing on international routes in Chinese waters should carry out ballast water exchange or install ballast water inactivation treatment systems。Standardize the behavior of shipbreaking, and prohibit the breaking up of the beach。

Non-ship, port, terminal projects

Delete this line

Strengthen the capacity of port and terminal pollution prevention and control。We will speed up the construction of garbage receiving, transferring, treatment and disposal facilities, and improve the reception and disposal capacity of oily sewage and chemical tank washing water, as well as the emergency response capacity of pollution accidents。Coastal and inland ports, wharves, loading terminals and ship repair workshops are located respectively2017End of the year2020Meet the construction requirements by the end of the year。Operators of ports, wharfs and loading and unloading stations shall formulate emergency plans to prevent and control pollution of the water environment by ships and their related activities。

Non-ship, port, terminal projects

Delete this line

In principle, major projects are distributed in optimized development zones and key development zones, and are in line with urban and rural planning and the overall plan for land use。

We will encourage the development of water-saving modern agriculture, low-water consumption high-tech industries, and eco-protection tourism, strictly control the development of water-scarce areas, areas with serious water pollution, and industries with high water consumption and high pollution in sensitive areas, and implement emission reduction and replacement for major pollutants in the construction projects of new, renovated, or expanded key industries。

Delete this line if it is not related to the project

Along the main rivers of the seven major river basins, environmental risks of petroleum processing, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical fiber manufacturing, non-ferrous metal smelting, textile printing and dyeing projects should be strictly controlled, and production facilities and hazardous chemical storage facilities should be rationally distributed。

Delete this line if it is not related to the project

Push polluting enterprises to quit。Existing steel, non-ferrous metals, paper making, printing and dyeing, raw material manufacturing, chemical industry and other heavily polluting enterprises in the urban construction area should be relocated and reformed in an orderly manner or shut down according to law。

Delete this line if it is not related to the project

We will actively protect ecological Spaces。Strict urban planning blue line management, urban planning areas should retain a certain proportion of water area。No new construction project shall occupy water area illegally。Strict control over the use of water shoreline, land development and utilization should be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and technical standards, leave enough scope for the management and protection of rivers, lakes and coastal zones, illegal occupation should be withdrawn within the time limit。

Delete this line if it is not related to the project

Promote circular development。Strengthen industrial water recycling。To promote the comprehensive utilization of mine water, priority should be given to the use of mine water for supplementary water in coal mining areas, production and ecological water in surrounding areas, and the recycling of coal washing wastewater should be strengthened。Encourage steel, textile printing and dyeing, paper making, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, leather and other high-water consumption enterprises wastewater treatment and reuse。

Delete this line if it is not related to the project

Promote the use of recycled water。Focus on cities in areas with severe water shortage and water pollution, improve the utilization of recycled water facilities, industrial production, urban greening, road cleaning, vehicle flushing, building construction and ecological landscape water, to give priority to the use of recycled water。Promote the treatment and utilization of sewage in highway service areas。Steel, thermal power, chemical, pulp and paper, printing and dyeing projects that have the conditions to use recycled water but are not fully utilized shall not be approved for new water intake permits。

2018Since the year, the single building area exceeds2New public buildings of 10,000 square meters should be installed with building water facilities。We will actively promote the installation of water facilities in other newly built housing。

Delete this line if it is not related to the project

Promote seawater utilization。In the power, chemical, petrochemical and other industries in coastal areas, the direct use of seawater as industrial water for circulating cooling is promoted。In cities where conditions exist, desalination of seawater should be accelerated as a source of domestic water supplement。

Non-seaside items Delete this line

Strictly control groundwater overdrawing。Geological hazard assessment should be carried out for the exploitation and utilization of groundwater in the areas prone to geological hazards such as ground subsidence, ground cracks and karst collapse。Strictly control the exploitation of deep confined water, geothermal water, mineral water development should strictly implement the water intake permit and mining permit。Regulate the construction and management of motor Wells according to law, check and register the built motor Wells, and shut down the self-provided Wells without approval and within the coverage of the public water supply network。We will carry out comprehensive treatment of groundwater overextraction areas in North China, and prohibit industrial and agricultural production and service industries from using more groundwater in these areas。The implementation of agricultural infrastructure projects in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, such as land consolidation, agricultural development and poverty alleviation, shall not be conditional on supporting the drilling of Wells。

Strengthen urban water conservation。It is prohibited to produce or sell products and equipment that do not meet the water-saving standards。Public buildings must adopt water-saving appliances, and eliminate domestic water-using appliances such as water spouts and toilet tanks that do not meet water-saving standards in public buildings within a time limit。Encourage households to choose water-saving appliances。Use more than50The water supply network with backward materials will be updated and reformed2017The leakage rate of the national public water supply network was controlled at12%Within;to2020Years, control in10%以内。Actively promote the low-impact development and construction model, and build rainwater collection and utilization facilities that combine stagnation, seepage, storage, use and drainage。New urban hardened ground, permeable area to reach40%以上。

Non-urban water saving, public construction, pipe network

Delete this line

Develop agricultural water-saving。Water-saving irrigation technologies such as channel seepage prevention, pipeline water transmission, sprinkler irrigation and micro-irrigation will be promoted, and irrigation water metering facilities will be improved。In the northeast, northwest, Huang-Huai-hai and other regions, large-scale water-saving irrigation will be promoted, and water-saving and drought-resistant technologies for crops will be popularized。到2020The tasks of building ancillary facilities and upgrading water saving in large-scale irrigation areas and key medium-sized irrigation areas were basically completed, and the effective utilization coefficient of farmland irrigation water was reached0.55以上。

Non-agricultural irrigation projects, agricultural development projects

Delete this line

We will strengthen environmental protection of drinking water sources。Carry out standardized construction of drinking water sources, and clean up illegal structures and sewage discharge outlets in drinking water source protection areas according to law。

Non-drinking water source items delete this line

We will strengthen environmental protection in coastal waters。Implementing a program to prevent and control pollution in coastal waters。We will focus on controlling pollution in estuaries such as the Yellow River Estuary, Bohai Bay and Jiaozhou Bay。Coastal prefecture-level cities and above will implement total nitrogen emission control。We will study and establish a total pollution control system for key sea areas。Standardize the setting of sewage discharge outlets into the sea,2017By the end of this year, all illegal or unreasonable outlets for discharging pollutants into the sea will be cleared。到2020In coastal provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), rivers flowing into the sea were basically eliminatedVClass water body。The entry threshold for sea-related projects will be raised。

Non-offshore items Delete this line

Promote ecological and healthy farming。Delimit restricted culture zones in key rivers, lakes and coastal waters。We will standardize the transformation of aquaculture ponds and offshore aquaculture cages, and encourage qualified fishery enterprises to carry out offshore and intensive Marine aquaculture。Actively promote artificial compound feed, and gradually reduce the use of frozen mixed fish feed。Strengthen the management of aquaculture inputs, regulate and restrict the use of antibiotics and other chemicals according to law, and carry out special rectification。

Non-aquaculture projects

Delete this line

Improve urban black and smelly water bodies。We will take measures such as source control and pollution interception, garbage removal, dredging and ecological restoration, and intensify efforts to control black and odorous water bodies。Urban built-up areas at prefecture level and above shall be2017By the end of the year, there will be no large areas of floating objects on the river surface, no garbage on the river banks, and no illegal sewage discharge outlets;in2020The target of controlling black and odorous water bodies will be completed by the end of this year。

River regulation projects in non-urban built-up areas

Delete this line

Protect water and wetland ecosystems。We will strengthen ecological protection of rivers and lakes and scientifically draw red lines for ecological protection。Encroachment on water conservation space such as natural wetlands shall be prohibited, and the encroached space shall be restored within a time limit。We will strengthen the construction and protection of water-conserving forests, protect and restore wetlands, and increase efforts to return farmland to forest, grass, and moisture。Strengthen the ecological construction of the riverside (lake) zone, and build vegetation buffer zones and isolation zones on both sides of the river。Strengthen the protection of aquatic wildlife nature reserves and aquatic germplasm resources reserves, carry out in situ and ex situ protection of rare and endangered aquatic organisms and important aquatic germplasm resources, and improve aquatic biodiversity。2017By the end of this year, plans for the protection of aquatic biodiversity in seven key river basins will be formulated and implemented。

Protect Marine ecology。Increase mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass bedsAnd other typical ecosystems of coastal wetlands, estuaries and bays,And the protection of important fishery waters such as spawning ground, feeding ground, wintering ground and migration channel, the implementation of proliferation and release, and the construction of artificial fish reefs。Carry out research on Marine ecological compensation and compensation, and implement Marine ecological restoration。Conscientiously implementing the reclamation control scheme,Strict management and supervision of reclamation,Reclamation is prohibited in key bays, core areas and buffer zones of Marine nature reserves, key protected areas and reserve areas of Marine special reserves, key estuary areas, important coastal wetland areas, important sandy shorelines and sand source protection sea areas, specially protected islands and important fishing sea areas,The waters in the ecologically fragile and sensitive areas with poor self-cleaning capacity are strictly restricted for reclamation。

Non-coastal projects close to the ocean

Delete this line

Soil Pollution Control Action Plan

(To ten)



We will crack down on environmental violations such as illegal discharge of toxic and harmful pollutants, illegal storage of hazardous chemicals, illegal disposal of hazardous waste, abnormal use of pollution control facilities, and falsification of monitoring data。

All localities shall classify qualified priority protection arable land as basic farmland and implement strict protection to ensure that its area is not reduced and the quality of the soil environment is not decreased. Except for the site selection of key construction projects stipulated by law, no other construction shall be occupied。

Key construction projects should be discussed

Measures such as straw returning to the field, increasing the application of organic fertilizer, less tillage and no tillage, crop rotation, agricultural film reduction and recycling are implemented。

Non-agricultural extension items Delete this line

Prevention and control of enterprise pollution。We will strictly control the establishment of new enterprises in the fields of non-ferrous metal smelting, petroleum processing, chemical industry, coking, electroplating and tanning in areas where priority protection of cultivated land is concentrated. Existing enterprises in relevant industries should adopt new technologies and processes and speed up the upgrading and upgrading of standards

We will strengthen the management of the use of farmland under strict control, delimit areas prohibited from producing specific agricultural products according to law, and prohibit the cultivation of edible agricultural products.Where the safety of groundwater and drinking water sources is threatened, relevant counties (cities and districts) shall formulate environmental risk control plans and implement relevant measures。

Agricultural product planting project

Threatening water sources and ground water

Key analysis

Strictly control the use of pesticides in woodland, grassland and garden land, and prohibit the use of highly toxic and highly residual pesticides。We will improve the management system of biopesticides and attractants, and increase their use and promotion。

Non-forest garden items delete this line

Environmental violations involving illegal discharge and dumping of toxic and harmful substances into deserts, beaches, saline-alkali lands and swamps will be strictly investigated in accordance with the law。Strengthen environmental supervision over unused land in areas affected by mining, oil fields and other mineral resources exploitation activities, and promptly urge relevant enterprises to take preventive and control measures when soil pollution is found。

It does not involve deserts, beaches, saline-alkali lands or swamps;Mine and oilfield projects

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Construction projects discharging key pollutants,When conducting environmental impact assessments,The content of soil environmental impact evaluation should be increased,And put forward the concrete measures to prevent soil pollution;Need to build soil pollution control facilities,It shall be designed, constructed and put into operation simultaneously with the main project;Relevant environmental protection departments shall do a good job in the supervision and administration of the implementation of relevant measures。

Strictly implement the layout and location requirements of enterprises in relevant industries,It is forbidden to build new enterprises in non-ferrous metal smelting, coking and other industries around residential areas, schools, medical and elderly care institutions;We will promote a new type of urbanization, adjust the industrial structure and resolve excess capacity,Orderly relocation or legal closure of existing enterprises that have caused serious soil pollution。

Combined with regional functional positioning and soil pollution prevention needs, scientific layout of domestic waste treatment, hazardous waste disposal, waste resources recycling and other facilities and places, reasonable determination of livestock and poultry breeding layout and scale。

Non-livestock breeding and solid waste disposal projects

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We will comprehensively improve tailings ponds left over from history, and improve measures for controlling hidden dangers such as film laminating, earth compaction, flood drainage, and dam reinforcement。Enterprises with key supervision of tailings ponds should carry out environmental risk assessment, improve pollution control facilities, and reserve emergency materials。Strengthen the radiation safety supervision of mineral resources development and utilization activities, and relevant enterprises should monitor the radiation environment of the soil in the mining area every year。

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We will strengthen pollution prevention and control in industries involved in heavy metals。Strict implementation of heavy metal pollutant discharge standards and implementation of the relevant total control indicators。Continue to eliminate backward production capacity in key industries related to heavy metals, improve access conditions for heavy metal-related industries, and prohibit the construction of new backward production capacity or industries with serious overcapacity。Phase out incandescent lamps for general lighting as planned。We will raise the standards for the elimination of backward production capacity in lead-acid batteries and other industries, and gradually withdraw backward production capacity。Formulate plans for promoting cleaner production technologies in key industries related to heavy metals, and encourage enterprises to adopt advanced and applicable production processes and technologies。

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We will strengthen the treatment and disposal of industrial waste。Comprehensively regulate tailings, coal gangue, industrial by-product gypsum, fly ash, red mud, smelting slag, calcium carbide slag, chromium slag, arsenic slag, and solid waste storage sites generated by desulfurization, denitrification, and dust removal; improve facilities to prevent dispersion, loss, and leakage; formulate remediation plans and implement them in an orderly manner。We will strengthen the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste。We will clean up and rectify recycling activities such as electronic waste, waste tires and waste plastics, guide relevant enterprises to adopt advanced and applicable processing technologies, cluster development, and centralized construction and operation of pollution control facilities to prevent pollution of soil and groundwater。

Non-solid waste disposal project

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Rational use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides。Encourage farmers to apply more organic fertilizer and reduce the use of chemical fertilizer。Scientific application of pesticides, the promotion of professional crop disease and pest control and green prevention and control, the promotion of low-toxicity and low-residue pesticides and modern plant protection machinery。We will strengthen the recycling and treatment of pesticide packaging waste, promote clean agricultural production, carry out pilot projects for the utilization of agricultural waste resources, and form a number of reproducible and scalable agricultural non-point source pollution prevention and control technology models。It is strictly prohibited to use urban household garbage, sludge and industrial waste directly as fertilizer。

Non-agricultural projects, agricultural waste recycling projects

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Strengthen the recycling and utilization of waste agricultural film。We will crack down on illegal production and sales of substandard agricultural film。Establish and improve waste agricultural film recycling, storage and comprehensive utilization network, and carry out waste agricultural film recycling and utilization pilot;to2020Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Gansu, Xinjiang and other provinces with high use of agricultural film strive to achieve comprehensive recycling of waste agricultural film。

Non-agricultural projects, agricultural waste recycling projects

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We will strengthen pollution prevention and control in livestock and poultry breeding。Strictly regulate the production and use of veterinary drugs and feed additives to prevent excessive use and promote source reduction。We will strengthen the comprehensive utilization of livestock and poultry manure, and carry out trials for the organic integration and circular development of the seed and breeding industry in some large pig counties。Encourage and support the construction of livestock and poultry manure treatment and utilization facilities, to2020The proportion of large-scale farms and breeding communities supporting the construction of waste treatment facilities reached75%以上。

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Establish a coordination mechanism between the government, communities, enterprises and residents, and promote waste reduction, resource utilization and harmless use through sorting, collection and comprehensive recycling。We will establish a village cleaning system, promote the treatment of rural domestic waste, and implement the rural domestic sewage treatment project。Remediation of informal landfills。We will thoroughly implement the policy of "promoting governance through awards" and expand the scope of contiguous environmental improvement in rural areas。We will promote trials of coordinated disposal of domestic waste in cement kilns。Encourage the treatment of qualified sludge for landscaping。

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Demonstration of the use of construction waste to produce building materials and other resources will be carried out。

Non-construction waste recycling project delete this line

Strengthen the safe disposal of waste mercury-oxide batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lead-acid batteries, mercury-containing fluorescent lamps, thermometers and other heavy metal-containing waste。Reduce excessive packaging and encourage the use of environmental labeling products。

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We will promote research on common key technologies such as soil pollution diagnosis, risk control, treatment and remediation, develop advanced and applicable equipment and low-cost functional materials (pharmaceuticals), strengthen the application of satellite remote sensing technology, and build a number of soil pollution prevention and control laboratories and research bases。Optimize and integrate science and technology programs (special projects, funds, etc.) to support soil pollution prevention and control research。

Non-contaminated soil evaluation and soil remediation, environmental protection products, research projects

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Based on the type, degree and regional representation of soil pollution, it will be implemented in batches for typical contaminated agricultural land and contaminated plots200A pilot project for the application of soil pollution control and remediation technology,2020By the end of the year。

Non-contaminated soil evaluation and soil remediation, environmental protection products, research projects

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Through policy promotion, we will accelerate the improvement of a mature industrial chain covering soil environmental investigation, analysis and testing, risk assessment, treatment and restoration engineering design and construction, form a number of leading enterprises with comprehensive strength, and cultivate a number of dynamic small and medium-sized enterprises。

Non-contaminated soil evaluation and soil remediation, environmental protection products, research projects

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