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Neutral soil improvement


Current situation of conventional soil amendments

At present, the common soil amendments in the market are divided according to their main components, and there are mainly a variety of soil amendments based on cementing materials, lime, polymer extracted from petroleum and gypsum。

The disadvantages of synthetic polymer soil amendments are:

1) Poor soil permeability, poor drainage is easy to lead to plant root rot;

2) It is difficult to deal with sludge with high water content。

The disadvantages of soil amendments based on cementing materials and lime are:

1) The addition amount is large (at least 35% or more);

2) The curing time is long, and if it rains during the drying process, it will cause secondary pollution to the soil;

3) The soil is strongly alkaline after treatment, which is not conducive to plant growth;

4) If it continues to be strongly alkaline for a long time, it is also easy to cause secondary pollution to the surrounding soil。

** Neutral soil conditioner



** Neutral amendment is composed of natural materials and plant extracts, raw materials for shell powder, volcanic ash, ionized carbon and other environmentally friendly materials。


• Desert and saline-alkali land management;

• dryland soil improvement;

• Dredging ponds, rivers, sea lakes and other sludge solidification;

• Green slope protection of road slope;

• Solid locking of heavy metals in soil;

• Sealing of solid waste odor;

• Degradation of radioactive contaminants。


• The composition of the amendment is a *** material, which will not cause secondary pollution to the soil。

• The improved soil has a granular structure, good water retention, fertilizer retention and air permeability, suitable for plant growth。

• Improved soil does not dissolve in water and can prevent soil erosion。

• The improvement effect is maintained for a long time after treatment, and it is organically integrated with the original soil。

Fast curing speed, low cost, small dosage (see addition scale)。


Addition amount:

Symbol definition

○ : Curing speed is fast, and curing condition is good, insoluble in water。

△ The curing speed is slightly slow, and the curing material is soft。But does not have fluidity, solidification, slightly soluble in water。

× : can not be cured, or although curing but curing speed is slow, although it does not have fluidity, but does not solidify, soluble in water。

Improved soil sample Plant growth condition of improved soil Plant growth condition of solidified silt


Introduction to soil improvement machinery


Soil improvement machinery

With a new perspective, the soil modification can solidify the sludge produced in various places for transport。Operation process: Add neutral soil conditioner to the sludge, stir for the first time (spiral type), and then stir for the second time (impeller type), and then form solid transport。


Pellet structure granulator

** Neutral soil improvement technology application field

First, sludge solidification。** Neutral soil amendment can treat sewage sludge, sewage treatment plant sludge, construction sludge and other types of sludge, fast curing, no need for filter press equipment。

Second, the closure of odorous substances and heavy metal substances。Sludge from sewage treatment plants, sludge from food processing plants, food residues, animal feces from farms, etc., are treated, quickly solidified, and form a granular structure。This structure can trap the malodorous substances and the easily decomposed organic compounds (carbohydrates, proteins, etc.) of the spoilage components in it, preventing them from continuing to decompose and emit foul odor。It can also be easily transported or stored for a long time。Expanded use of resources is thus also possible。For example, easily decomposed organic matter content, high energy sludge, livestock manure, food residues, etc., can be refined into fuel。The soil contaminated by heavy metals is treated, solidified immediately, no longer dissolved and lost, and maintained for a long time。Thus, rapid, economical and simple treatment of heavy metal pollution can be realized。

3. Soil with special aggregate structure。** Neutral soil amendment, can make the soil ionization reaction, the formation of good solid special aggregate structure soil, to provide a good soil environment for the growth of plants, so that the quality and yield are improved, the heavy metal sealing so that it is not easy to dissolve and become harmless。At the same time, the soil with special aggregate structure can fix and degrade radioactive substances, and has special effect on the improvement of saline-alkali land。

Fourth, to prevent soil erosion, highway ecological slope, etc。** Neutral soil amendment has the performance of improving, solidifying soil, retaining water, and improving the physical composition of soil. The treated soil has both insoluble in water (not lost due to rain, according to slope protection effect) and is conducive to plant growth (long-term stability), environmental protection, Economic and other characteristics。

Sludge solidification


River silt treatment

** Adding neutral soil amendments to the sediment can lock the polluting substances, especially heavy metals, so that it can be improved into a planting soil suitable for vegetation growth and pollution-free。It can be used for slope protection to plant landscape plants, which can be beautiful environment and can use vegetation roots to closely combine backfill soil with original soil.It can also be used for filling to close the potential pollution of the river bed and ensure that the remaining harmful substances cannot be released into the water body。

After the sewage is treated by water purification and the bottom mud is improved, the water quality is clear, the visibility is significantly increased, there is no abnormal phenomenon such as oil stains and bubbles on the surface, the water body itself communicates well with the river bed, and the aquatic animals and plants can survive normally。

With the use of the most neutral soil amendment, the pollution situation has been solved, and the typical polluted river section has been transformed into a landscape section。

Soil with special aggregate structure


The characteristics of the natural aggregate structure of soil

Most of the natural aggregates are the topsoil of forests and so on。Compared with the general soil, the soil with aggregate structure has more gaps between the soil particles and has good water retention characteristics。

Characteristics of soil with special aggregate structure

By adding neutral soil amendments (natural materials, plant extracts, etc.) to the soil, the soil can form a special aggregate structure that is not easy to be destroyed。This kind of soil has the characteristics of good retention of fertilizer, water and air permeability。Soil with these advantages is very beneficial to the growth of plants。

The soil composed of special aggregate structure has a certain void of soil particles, and this aggregate structure is not easy to destroy

The effect of the special aggregate structure of the soil is that it can make the roots of the plant grow developed, so that the plant is easier to grow healthily, but also easier to absorb the water and nutrients in the soil, especially suitable for the reproduction and growth of microorganisms such as nitrogen fixation fertilizer。

Improvement of organic matter with special aggregate structure

Sewage sludge, kitchen waste, livestock manure,The organic waste discharged from daily life, such as factory processing residues, generally contains rich fertilizer components,If recycled by composting,Organic matter produces a lot of foul odor,However, these problems will not occur if special aggregates are used to treat these organic matter。

After curing treatment, sewage, septic tank sludge and chicken manure odor are basically completely blocked。

Organic waste such as kitchen waste, after processing and decomposition will produce a lot of foul odor。And after the improvement to form a granular structure of soil will no longer smell。

Blockade of heavy metal

If the soil contains heavy metals, it is very harmful to be absorbed by the human body and organisms through the food chain。The technology can make heavy metals insoluble in water and not absorbed by organisms。Make the soil safe from harmful heavy metals。

Desalting construction method of saline soil

The role of soil with special aggregate structure and the cultivation of crops

After the special structural soil is soaked and washed by rain, the salt can be quickly eliminated。In addition, the soil with special aggregate structure is originally developed to be the most suitable soil for plant growth, so it is also a very ideal soil for plant cultivation。

Highway ecological slope protection

** Neutral soil amendment, using the anchoring effect of plant roots and the maximum stability of soil amendment together to achieve the stability, drainage and greening of highway slopes such as sandy soil。

Construction technology


Construction process flow

Slope cleaning → construction of slope anchor → hanging and fixing of wire mesh → Spraying organic base (adding neutral soil conditioner according to the mix ratio) → spraying and planting of grass → maintenance。

Slope scour test

In this paper, a comparative study on the effect of stable greening of two experimental slopes using new ecological slope stabilization technology and conventional guest soil spraying technology is carried out。The high pressure water pipe is used to wash the slope. The test results show that the slope with the new ecological slope stabilization technology does not lose water and soil and does not collapse after being washed by the high pressure water Effectively solve the problem of erosion and stable greening of sandy soil。The effect of the test slope using conventional soil spraying technology is very poor, the phenomenon of slope instability such as cracking and loss is obvious, and the greening effect is also obviously poor。By comparison, under the same conditions, the slope stable greening using the new ecological slope stabilization technology **** is better than the slope using the conventional guest soil spraying technology。