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Large and medium-sized industrial reverse osmosis equipment


1. Chemical, automotive, electroplating, precision machinery and special materials industry water equipment

According to the different water quality of raw materials, production processes and production equipment, tap water is difficult to meet its needs。The company in accordance with the customer's proposed water source conditions and water quality, water requirements, comprehensive consideration, to provide customers with quality products and services。Water yield: 0.5t/h-200t/h

Chemical industry

In the chemical industry, volume water, chemical analysis, product cleaning, material separation, concentration, purification, waste recycling and other occasions need to use membrane separation equipment, with water conductivity up to 20μs/cm-0.1 mu s/cm

Common process

Tap water → pump → multi-media filter → high pressure pump → security filter → automatic feeding device → reverse osmosis → Ultraviolet → pure water tank tap water → pump → primary reverse osmosis → intermediate water tank → High pressure pump → secondary reverse osmosis → pure water tank

Automobile industry

The pure water used in the coating process in the automotive industry usually has a conductivity of 10μs/cm-5μs/cm or less, to use and reverse osmosis or secondary reverse osmosis process, the use of ultrafiltration membrane technology can also separate and recycle the electroplating paint after cleaning, separated out and returned for cleaning。

Common process

Tap water → pump → multi-media filter → automatic counterfeit device → security filter → high pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis → intermediate water quality → High pressure pump → secondary reverse osmosis → pure water tank

Tap water → booster pump → multi-media filter → softener → security filter → high pressure pump → reverse osmosis → finished water tank

2.Reverse osmosis equipment

Reverse osmosis principle: Reverse osmosis equipment is the application of membrane separation technology, according to the characteristics of the membrane, selectively through the solvent in the solution (pure water), so as to effectively separate and remove the ions in the solution。

Features: Because there is no need for heating, less energy consumption, continuous and stable operation process, small size, simple operation, strong adaptability, no pollution to the environment, gradually replacing the traditional ion exchange process and widely used in electronics, medicine, food textile, chemical, electric power and other industries。

Common process:

Primary reverse osmosis: raw water tank → raw water pump → multi-media filter → activated carbon filter →(softening filter/self-dosing softening device/hollow ultrafilter/unnecessary)→ security filter → high pressure pump → reverse osmosis membrane group → pure water tank

Secondary reverse osmosis: primary water tank → primary water pump → pre-treatment → security filter → primary high pressure pump → primary reverse osmosis membrane group

Note: The system water yield, drag salt rate and temperature, working pressure, membrane use, system recovery and the user's raw water quality is related

Our company's reverse osmosis device adopts special RO technology design,Key components and equipment are imported products (such as Heidel, Dow RO membrane, COLDLINE/-WAVECYBER membrane shell, Grundfos pump, etc.),Advanced technology,质量**,Strong scalability,Reasonable structure,Small occupation of land,High water utilization rate,Low energy consumption,Fully automated operation,Simple operation and maintenance。

3.EDI electrical deionization equipment

EDI deionization equipment is a new kind of demineralization technology which combines electrodialysis technology with ion exchange technology。It can effectively remove all ions in water, the effluent resistivity can be stabilized at 5MΩ-18MΩ, continuous operation, no need for acid and base regeneration, high water utilization rate, and gradually replace the traditional ion exchange process in the process of high purity water equipment, which has a very broad application prospect。

EDI equipment generally uses reverse osmosis (and RO or secondary RO) pure water as the EDI feed water。RO pure water conductivity is generally 20μs/cm。

EDI advantages

High and stable water quality, no downtime due to regeneration, no need for chemical regeneration, small footprint, simple and safe operation, lower operating costs than the mixed bed

Process flow:

Pretreatment →RO film assembly → Intermediate water tank → intermediate water pump →EDI device → pure water tank → pure water pump → water point


4.Pretreatment equipment


Mainly includes multi-media filter, softener, security filter。Generally used as a water treatment system front, to protect the UF(ultrafine)RO(reverse osmosis) or ion exchange system behind。Multi-medium filter is mainly used to remove suspended particles, organic colloidal substances, Fe, Mn and other heavy metal ions in water, reduce the turbidity of raw water, raw water quality is different sometimes need to add flocculant。

The multi-media filter can be loaded with a variety of filter materials (quartz sand, anthracite, activated carbon, manganese sand, etc.), or a variety of single filter material filters in series to adapt to the removal of various impurities in the water to meet the requirements of the back-end system。The softener can effectively remove the Ca and Mg plasma in the water, thereby reducing the hardness of the raw water to maximize the life extension of the reverse osmosis equipment。


5. Mineral water production equipment

Mineral water is the product of people's constant pursuit of quality,Production method: The concentrated liquid rich in calcium, zinc, lithium, strontium, metasilicic acid and other trace elements needed by the human body are mixed with pure water according to the proportion of human body absorption,In this way, the interference of impurities and harmful substances in natural mineral water is eliminated,It also solves the defect of mineral free in pure water,Is a better quality than natural mineral water,Better tasting water。




Purified water → Mineralization equipment → Mineral water → fully automated filling equipment


6.Water treatment material

Membrane and membrane shell products: long-term supply of reverse osmosis membrane (the United States Hyde, Dow, Kohl, Toray, VONTRON and other imported membrane) nanofiltration membrane, hollow ultrafilter, microfiltration membrane, EDI electric deionization membrane pile, stainless steel membrane shell, glass fiber reinforced plastic membrane shell, etc。




Pumps, valves: South pump, Aohua and New Territories and other domestic pumps and Denmark Grundfos, Italy NOCHII, South Korea DOOCH and other imports of high pressure pumps, metering pumps, plastic and stainless steel pumps, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, electric valves。

Filter material: 10 "20" 30 "40" PP filter element, quartz sand, manganese sand, rod shape, fruit shell type activated carbon, imported Yin and Yang resin, polishing resin and high-quality domestic resin from Dow, Rohm and Haas, Bayer, Britain。

Water treatment agent: RO system special cleaning agent, scale inhibitor, coagulant, oxidant, reducing agent, fungicide and other water treatment materials。

Dosing equipment: ozone sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilizer, chlorine dioxide generator, chlorine machine, sodium hypochlorite generator, the United States Mitonro metering pump and other dosing equipment。

Instrument: conductivity meter, resistivity meter, residual chlorine meter, SDI tester, hardness tester, pH meter, TDS meter, dissolved oxygen meter, pressure gauge, pressure sensor, pressure switch, temperature meter, temperature sensor, flow meter, liquid level switch and other monitoring components。

Containers: American Stroh, Vesebo and high-quality domestic FRP barrels, stainless steel filters, carbon steel filters, precision filters, PE water tank, stainless steel water tank, sealed water tank, FRP filters, dosing boxes, salt boxes, etc。