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K brand series products


K brand series products

Cleaning agent series products, solvent series products, adhesive additives series products

Application of cleaning agent: chemical, petroleum, electronic products, metal cleaning, fur processing cleaning。

Solvent product application: can be used for paint dilution, latex paint dilution。

Application scope of adhesive additive products: All kinds of viscose products can be added to enhance its use effect, to achieve adhesion and quick drying degree。

Product advantages: The K brand series products produced by our company have the characteristics of green environmental protection, harmless, high energy, etc. The quality of products in the same industry in the country has been unanimously praised, enjoys a good reputation throughout the country, and occupies a certain share in overseas markets, and can produce products with different performance according to different requirements of users。


Paraffin remover

1. Product name: KQ paraffin remover

2. Scope of application:

The paraffin removal agent is composed of a variety of high purity surfactants, washing AIDS and stabilizers.It is suitable for cleaning wax attached to oil production pipelines and oil pipelines,This product is also suitable for electrical appliances, electronic components, mechanical equipment before coating wax, tools, oil oil pipeline wax removal has a unique effect and rosin, solder, highway asphalt cleaning;

3, product features:

Cleaning speed is fast, cleaning is perfect, volatilization is fast after cleaning, no residue, no trace, does not produce any corrosion to the cleaning object, does not burn and does not explode, boiling point is moderate, stable performance, can be cold washed at room temperature, ultrasonic cleaning, can also be steam sealed cleaning。It can be soaked, washed, spray cleaning, sealed ultrasonic cleaning effect is better。The price is reasonable;Economical and practical。

4. Product performance

This product can quickly penetrate, decompose and emulsify, grease and dirt, with good degreasing and dewaxing and strong cleaning vitality, so that wax and oil dirt can be quickly removed from the metal surface, with excellent dewaxing and deterring power;Safety, environmental protection, no combustion;Non-corrosive to stainless steel, glass, steel plate, copper pipe, aluminum alloy。