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Shapotou District Tianjingzishan distributed wind power project social stability risk assessment publicity

Release Date:2023-02-10 09:23:51 作者:Super administrator 点击:429

  Shapotou district Tianjingzishan distributed wind power projectSocial stability risk assessment publicity

  According to the requirements of the Interim Measures for Social Stability Risk Assessment of Major Fixed Asset Investment Projects of the National Development and Reform Commission (Development and Reform Investment (2012) No. 2492),Ningxia Xulan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. commissioned Ningxia Hongxu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to conduct a social stability risk assessment for the decentralized wind power project in Shapotou District。The social stability risk assessment of the project is now publicized for public comment。

  I. Project overview

  1. Project name: Shapotou District Tianjingzishan distributed wind power project

  2. Construction unit: Ningxia Xulan New Energy Technology Co., LTD

  3. Project Overview:

  Shapotou District Tianjingzishan distributed wind power project is located in Shuangda Village, Yongkang Town, Shapotou District, Zhongwei City,The total installed capacity of this project is 40 MW,It mainly includes: installing 12 wind turbines with a capacity of 3000 kW,One wind turbine with a capacity of 4000 kW,13 box-type transformers are also installed,A new 35 kV switch station,Set up 35kV collecting line about 7 km,New tower 35 base。A new construction production and living area。The project land belongs to the state-owned unused land, and the total area of the project is 13.38 hectares, of which ** occupies 7.64 hectares, temporary land of 5.74 hectares, covers the type of wasteland。The total investment of the project is 27995.78万元。It is planned to enter the construction site on July 10, 2021 and be connected to the grid on November 30, 2021。

  2. Solicitation of opinions

  1.Major issues for public comment

  (1) The degree of understanding of the project;

  (2) Major impacts that may occur or are feared to occur in the construction and operation of the project;

  (3) Other comments and suggestions;

  (4) Attitude towards the construction of the project。

  2.Form of public feedback and matters needing attention

  (1) The way of public feedback

  The public can express their opinions and views on the construction of the project by telephone, letter, email, interview and other means。

  (2) Precautions

  When the public comments, please provide detailed contact information, so that we can timely feedback to you。

  The collection time of public opinions is within 10 days from the date of the publication of this publicity, and the public is invited to put forward valuable comments within this publicity period。

  3. Contact information

  Construction unit: Ningxia Xulan New Energy Technology Co., LTD

  Address: Room 101, No. 1-102, Building A, 14#, Yonglou Farmers' New Residence, West side of Yingbin Avenue, Shapotou District, Zhongwei City, Ningxia

  Contact: Xiang Guangyang

  Contact number: 18511730469


  Evaluation unit: Ningxia Hongxu Environmental Technology Co., LTD

  Address: Room 1203, Unit 1, Building 7, migrant workers apartment Building, Jinfeng Industrial Park, Yinchuan Jingkai District

  Contact: Gold Division

  Contact number: 0951-5116993


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